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  • Mova Globe Antique Terrestrial
  • Mova Globe Antique Terrestrial
  • Mova Globe Antique Terrestrial


Mova Globe Antique Terrestrial


The Antique Terrestrial White globe combines a vintage map created in 1790 with modern updates that make it unlike any globe you’ve had before. Every continent and ocean is shown with absolute clarity and contrast, and it features lines showing the three voyages of Captain James Cook–a design element first created in 1790 by Giovanni Maria Cassini. The map also shows the United States which was very young at the time and not included on many maps. With its smooth, independent rotations, it’s like history comes to life in your home or office.

2015 Luxury Gift of the Year Award Winner
Design available in MOVA Globe and MOVA Globe Cube
Antique map from 1790
Features latitude and longitude lines
A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun’s position each day of the year.
Note there is no Antarctica because James Cook didn’t believe it existed.
Turns using ambient light
Hidden magnets provide movement
No cords or batteries
Gift Box included