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Jefferson Engraving and Awards

Engraving Information & Pricing

Cups Minimum $7.50 for 1 line | Each additional line of text $2.75
Bowls & Trays Minimum $10.00 for 1 line | $3.50 for additional lines
Frames $11.00 minimum and includes 2 lines | $1.50 for each additional line
General Gifts Minimum $7.50 1 line | Each additional line of text $2.75

Please Note:

  • Once items have been engraved per customer specifications and customer realizes there has been an error, replacement is customer’s responsibility.
  • Refund/Exchange: All engraved items are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. You are verifying that all personalized engraving information is correct when you place your order.
  • Engraved items usually ship within 10-14 working days.

For Additional Engraving, call us at 434 973-3039 or email us at

Logos are generally $12.50. Seals are $10. You’ll choose when ordering, but here’s a list of what’s offered. If you have something else in mind, please get in touch!

Monograms and Fonts


UVA Logos and Seals

UVA logos and seals for engraving