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MOVA Antique Terrestrial Green Globe


MOVA Antique Terrestrial Green Globe


The soothing seafoam green color palette is the first thing people notice, and it offers a calming and serene tone. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this terrestrial globe is also highlighted by its historical relevance. Our interpretation of the antique globe depicts the three voyages taken by Captain James Cook in a design created by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1790. A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun’s position each day of the year.
Antique Terrestrial Green MOVA Globe. Size: 4.5 inch.

  Terrestrial globe made with antique map from 1790
  Features latitude and longitude lines
  Note there is no Antarctica because James Cook didn’t believe it existed
  Turns using ambient light
  Hidden magnets provide movement
  No cords or batteries